We are passionate about sharing the tools of yoga, mindfulness, and social emotional learning to children, young adults, and families. We foster and support the development of skills that cultivate healthy children with an empathetic sense, emotional intelligence, a tender accepting heart, and the ability to build relationships and live wholeheartedly.  

Yoga enhances strength, balance, and flexibility, on and off the mat. Becoming self aware of one’s mind, body and breath, offers infinite potential and possibilities for joy, health and well-being. 

Through our classes and activities we promote peace in our schools and community settings.  We value diversity and strive for compassionate kinship in peaceful communities by making the benefits of yoga and mindfulness accessible to all children and families. 



Lenora has practiced yoga off and on for half her life. Her interest in teaching yoga began with a desire to bring yoga to older people. It was important for her to share some of the ways that a yoga practice had helped her through difficult times and that is was “never too late” to start. While working with adults, she heard numerous times how students wished they had learned yoga (or breath work or mediation) sooner, and how it would have been useful years before if only they had known about it then. It dawned on her that the concepts and lessons of yoga should be introduced sooner, rather than later, and that it was “never too early” to teach mindfulness, compassion, calming and positive body image to children. She loves teaching all ages, from preschoolers to seniors.

Justin is a clinical psychologist who’s been practicing yoga for several years and finding lots of overlap between the two systems of thought. He was drawn to the mission of Peaceful Warriors for many reasons. He strongly believes, for example, that adults have an obligation to help our children experience ways of being that involve taking care of their bodies and minds, as well as compassion for self and others. As a psychologist, he encounters many people who benefit from these practices now, and may well have been able to cultivate happier lives had those resources been available to them sooner. In addition to yoga and psychology, Justin enjoys hiking, reading, spending time with his family, and pursuing his passion for Dad jokes.



Autumn has been a  practitioner of yoga from a very young age. She is a certified Kids Yoga Instructor and recently earned her 230 hour yoga teacher certification at Root Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies in Colorado Springs. Autumn is a Montessori teacher  who has enjoyed incorporating yoga in her classroom for over 9 years, and is an original founder of Peaceful Warriors. Autumn shares her passion for yoga with her two daughters, who are the lights of her world. She is dedicated to making a difference in this world by teaching compassion and self-love while encouraging a sense of wonder and awe in children and adults. Autumn is also a dedicated student of Aikido. 

Shean is the broker/owner of Shean Belle Colorado Homes Real Estate in Colorado Springs. She has served on several non-profit boards in Colorado Springs, is a participant in the El Pomar Emerging Leadership Development Black Advisory Council and is a graduate of the Center for Creative Leadership Community Leadership Program.

Shean began her yoga practice 4 years ago at a point when she determined that “healthy living” was her number one priority. The practice provided a balanced approach to her life. She furthered her practice by obtaining her Yoga Teacher, Hot Yoga Teacher, and Yoga 12 Step Recovery Leadership Certification. Shean believes that had she had the tools of mindful awareness, body sensory understanding and the practice of “stilling the mind and centering” earlier in her life, she may have been better equipped to walk through life on her own terms. There is a special place in her heart for the adolescents and young adults. She understands how scary and unpredictable life can be during those transitioning years. It is an important time where habits and coping practices are being developed, and it is Shean’s goal to share with the youth of our community the life skills she has learned.

The mission of Peaceful Warriors to grow the awareness and provide access to the whole community, especially embracing those who are invisible resulting from socio-economic statuses, cultural boundaries and other barriers, is a passion that Shean shares.

Shean Belle


Dawn is proud to be the eldest of 10 children, born and raised in Detroit. She feels blessed to have worked as an educator and nurse clinician for over 40 years. Her passion for the movement and healing arts, sacred studies and yoga led her to yoga teacher training. She absolutely delights in being a certified Children’s Yoga Instructor and in nurturing the growth of the whole child.

Dawn loves the opportunity to facilitate the cultivation of social, emotional, sensory and self-awareness in children through yoga, mindfulness and the arts. She believes that fueling fires of joy, courage and compassion for self and others ignites and illuminates our true selves. 

Michelle Preble


Michelle Preble is the owner of Om Shanti Yoga, LLC. She is a 500hr RYT, and Mindfulness Life Coach. She is certified in yoga and mindfulness for kids and has trained in trauma informed yoga.

Michelle grew up in Colorado Springs and found a love for yoga when she was in high school. She has two amazing children that were her inspiration for teaching kids. She watched her own children growing up and knew that yoga was meant for everyone. Michelle loves sharing her knowledge and helping others grow.

She has created youth yoga programs for schools and gyms in the Colorado Springs area and can’t wait to bring more! In her free time, Michelle loves spending time at the lakes with her family, reading, hiking, and traveling!


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