Benefits of Yoga for Children

If you think yoga is “just” exercise, you might be surprised to know that the yoga poses
are only one small part of the discipline of yoga. In addition to mindful movement or
postures (also called asana) there are several other very important “limbs” of yoga:

Science shows that when we can control our breath, we send signals to our brains and nervous systems, making us more likely to make good decisions, to focus and concentrate.

We know children can’t sit silent for long periods of time in meditation, so we teach this practice with short exercises that increase in length over time. We may focus on our breath to relax, or use a “Breathing Buddy” to help us calm.

When we understand and recognize our emotions, we are able to express ourselves appropriately.
We learn body awareness and appreciation, and respect for ourselves and others.

We explore our place in this sometimes challenging world, learn about differences and similarities in people around the world and learn peaceful conflict resolution. We discuss our interdependence and connection with the earth and everything in it and on it.

Family Yoga

If yoga means “union,” then what better place to foster this than in the family. Yoga practices promote both intrapersonal and interpersonal harmony, so that family members support and understand each other more effectively. In the process, adults create attunement with their children, facilitating tremendous growth.

About a third of families (36%) say they spend too little time with their children, (38%) say they spend too little time with their spouse or partner.*
Family yoga is a great way to spend time together, without distractions, learning focus, concentration, balance and having face-to-face fun.
* sites/3/2015/12/2015-12-17_parenting-in-america_FINAL.pdf

Outings can be expensive, especially for larger families. Peaceful Warriors works to keep classes and events affordable and inclusive for all ages and abilities.
Our events are free or donation-based as often as possible!

Yoga in Our Community

Here, the practices of yoga create an even broader sense of integration. From loving kindness meditations that wrap others in positivity and warmth, to practical skills such as emotion regulation that radiate outward, these practices shift how people in the community connect with each other.

Our goal is to create healthy communities by bringing together a diverse group of community members to share in something greater than ourselves. Yoga is the perfect fit, as it welcomes people of all sizes, ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

“There is no power for change greater than
a community discovering what it cares about.”
– Margaret J. Wheatley

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