Oh another rainy day! And loving it!

Written by Jan Pratt

On May 8, 2020

I have recently moved from Colorado where folks say that there are 360 days of sunshine a year to Germany were at least from the time I have spent here so far is just the opposite- 360 days of overcast rainy skies. Now I am sure that figure is not exactly true but so far that is how it is feeling. 

So as I pondered this change in weather, I was wondering the benefit of all this rain! I truly had to make a mental mind shift pretty fast. My first reaction was- “Oh….rain. I’ll just stay inside and wait for it to clear up. “ Well I waited and waited and I waited and guess what? It never really cleared up. Now of course the sun came out, the clouds cleared but before you knew it the rain and clouds were back. In fact some days, I would get up, see the sun, go get dressed to go our for a hike and before I could get out the door the rain was back!

So I had to change my outlook. I had to force myself to grab my rain coat and just get outside. 

Health Benefit: I was developing a new attitude and shifting my thinking. It was work but I am building new brain connections that tell me that rain can be a good thing! So double benefit, I get outside more and I am making my brain stronger!

I also had to prepare for the rain. What does that mean? Well if you have ever been an outdoor enthusiast then you know about good gear. It makes all the difference in the world. So I got a great raincoat, a little day pack that was water resistant, shoes that will hold up in the rain and mud and the little compact umbrella for the really bad days when you get caught in a down pour. You might ask what outdoor enthusiast carries an umbrella? Well the city kind of course! And anyone who lives in a really wet climate! Here again a mind shift but let me tell you when you are waiting for a train or bus, your gonna want that umbrella. 

Health Benefit: Rain water is good for your skin and hair!. Rain water has a low mineral content and an alkaline ph which is gentle on skin and hair. 

One benefit I didn’t have to look to hard to find was the sound. Listing to the sound of the rain is very soothing. In a way, it felt like the sound wiped out all other sounds. It lulled  my senses and my calmed the nervous system. 

Healthy Benefit: In one study, it was even found that a thunderstorm could improve your math ability. So the next time you need to do your bills, wait for the thunderstorm to roll in or get a good audio version of a thunderstorm to play!

So I am adjusting. I am learning to love the journey and to embrace the change. After all when you can’t change the weather why fight it! 

Meditation Practice: 

Find a great audio recording of rain. Play it softly as you find a comfortable seat.

  • Make you spine long. Let your face soften.
  • Drop you shoulders
  • Bring your hands to Hakini Mudra -tips of thumbs and fingers touching like you might have a ball in-between holding your arms near your solar plexus. This mudra promotes wholeness and acceptance. It can support your health and wellbeing in body mind and spirit. 
  • With your focus on the sound of the rain, just allow all other distractions to fall away. 

After several minutes, blink you eyes open, relax your arms and take a few minutes to jot down your experience. 

What did you notice?

How did your body feel both before and after the mediation?

Did the mudra promote a feeling in your mind or body? 

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